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Last night in Switzerland

Resolution comes to the Wandering

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It is my last night in Switzerland. I leave to go back to France tomorrow, to Aix-en-Provence. It has been a wonderful 8 days here with Uncle Doug and Aunt Cindy. I am sad to go, but they are convinced that I'll be back before returning to the States. We'll see... :)

Today... was a good day. Today... I finally got my hands on my new debit card. Hooray! I have been on the phone and internet with the bank so many times and been told so many inaccurate things about the situation, and today I called for a third time to insist on getting a tracking number for the card coming via FedEx, I found out that it was sitting 35 minutes away in a FedEx facility! When FedEx transferred the address from the bank envelope to its envelope, the "1" in the address became a "!" and they deemed it undeliverable! It was a good thing I called! So Cindy and I drove to pick it up and the saga is over. (I hope!) It's so cool to have money when you're in foreign countries; I like it better than not having money. It was a funny way to end with the weird typo mistake, especially an exclamation point.

Tomorrow I will leave here on the 10:02am train and arrive in Aix around 8pm. 10 hours and 4 trains. I am looking forward to it. After all this hiking and biking, my body might be shocked by the static-ness of the day, but I have really enjoyed the time on the trains so far and find that it goes quite quickly.

I have begun yet another endeavor for this trip. I think I have an addiction to projects. Makes me feel weird and yet, with all this time, it's a perfect opportunity to complete ongoing projects. Anyway, the project came up today when we were talking with Jodi, Cindy's friend who helped me resolve the bank issue by insisting that I nicely give the bank a piece of my mind and not take no shit from anyone! ...no prisoners! ......no for an answer. (I could use a little more Farley on this trip...) Anyway, the idea is to think of 1000 things for which you are grateful (taken from a book she was reading). So that is my new aim, in addition to the others. It will be good, I think. A thousand is a lot. I hope I don't lose interest. It's important to be grateful. At least it's really important to me.

I have a thought that I have been thinking a lot about. I'm going to try to explain it... I think about what I would be doing if there was nothing restraining or confining or should-ing me. No concerns for money or social norms or feasibility. For an hour or a day or my life. Where would I be and how would I spend my moments? Then I think about why I would want to do that. What end does that move me toward? What value does that realize? What good does that manifest in the world? I think of the behavior first and then think through the reason why I would choose that, not thinking of the end and then how to get there, not first the value and then how to realize it, but the other way around. I think this makes it more honest and insightful. There is more than one thing I could be doing and many reasons why. But each answer and each reason tells me something about the nature and qualities of who I am, and when I reintroduce the shoulds, the social norms, the feasibility, I am still that person who is now playing the game of realizing the unrealistic within the rules of the real. I hope you see what I am saying. It's about seeing yourself purely and then reinserting yourself into the world. It's just a thought that I have been thinking a lot about. I thought about it at 1369 in Cambridge and now I'm thinking about it here. I guess my head is bigger than my backpack, I could bring all my thoughts but only some of my clothes.

So I have visited six countries so far. Sunday will make 3 weeks away. The next few weeks will be busy busy. So much to see and do and places to go. I'm not sure what the computer situation will be, but I have liked putting updates on here so I will try my best to continue with them. I hope they are a little interesting. This entry feels funny. Like I was talking to myself and looked up and you were all standing there staring at me, having heard everything I said without me seeing you before. And then I just awkwardly say oh, sorry, and walk away and don't know what you do after I've left. I bet you just disperse.

Love and thoughtfulness,

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Ah, no dispersing here.. quickly flipping to the next entry just to hear more of your wonderful, joyful, honest and inspiring thoughts! This is such a wonderful adventure - of mind, body, spirit - and what a joy to get a peek into a beautiful cousin's account of such a journey.

so very much love.


by emjstout

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